Yoga Thinking Masterclass 2019
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  • Wednesday 11 December 2019, 09:00 AM

In this one day format, you will experience the application of the Yoga Thinking mindset and methodology to an individual challenge.
What is Yoga Thinking?Yoga Thinking is a mindful problem solving methodology. Intuition, co-creation and mindfulness are the three cornerstones that help you find answers to your challenges. In Yoga Thinking we tap into the powerful tools & philosophies of Yoga and Design Thinking. This unique approach can be applied to personal everyday challenges as well as to complex organizational challenges or large societal problems. Bodywork and meditation enable you to find answers with less stress. Who said you can’t be effective and happy at the same time?
Yoga Thinking for OrganizationsYoga Thinking is relevant for organizations because it helps solve complex challenges from product development to organizational transition. Mindfulness and intuition can be powerful tools that complement traditional approaches. In a world of increasing digitization, uncertainty and information overload Yoga Thinking offers a fresh approach to find clarity and answers without draining your energy. Our approach also helps teams to connect on a different level in order to better understand each other and work together. In an environment with ever higher complexity, stress and pressure from the outside and inside we need to find new way to be productive and stay healthy and happy at the same time. Yoga Thinking can be an answer for that. We have developed a wide range of training and consulting services for organizations to make these benefits actionable. Topics and processes such as team building, mindful leadership, innovation management, strategy & vision finding can be supported.
Yoga Thinking MasterclassIf you are interested in Yoga Thinking, but not sure yet what exactly it is, or how it can help your organization, you can come to one of our open Masterclasses for professionals to find out more. In this one day format, you will experience the application of the Yoga Thinking mindset and methodology to an individual challenge." target=_blank>


Wednesday 11 December 2019, 09:00 AM

till Wednesday 11 December 2019 05:00 PM


HPI School of Design Thinking August-Bebel-Straße 88 Potsdam DE

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