WORKSHOP: Create Usable Products with Information
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  • Saturday 20 April, 03:00 PM

*Anchor Time: 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM CDT*
Keys features
1.5 hours of instructor-led training (LIVE online workshop)
Design challenge (post-webinar)
Project evaluation (post-webinar)
Hands-out materials (post-webinar)
Highly recommended pre-requisite: Design Thinking Core Workshop (Click here )
What is this course about? 
What is Information Architecture?
Is information architecture the same as UX?
8 Principles of Information Architecture
            Front Doors
            Multiple Classification
            Focused Navigation
Elements of Information Architecture:
Organization Systems
                        Hierarchical Structures
                        Sequential Structures
                        Matrix Structures
Labeling Systems
Navigation Systems
Search Systems

Who is it for? 

Entrepreneurs: Solo Rider
Founder teams: CXOs
Designers: UX/UI Designers, Product Managers, future Information Architects **
Builders: Engineers/Devs
Freelancers: Self-employed one-business Boss
Consultants: Self-employed mentors/Coaches
User Interface designers who wish to expand their career towards Design Thinking Umbrella (focus on UX Design)
Limited Slots: 15

You will receive an email from me a few days prior to the event with the zoom URL + password and an attendee survey. Can't make it due to some reason? No Worries! You will also receive the recording and design challenge of this webinar 1 week after the event.
Who Am I?
In one word: PolyMath

Former University Lecturer at ENSET Biomedical Engineering School
Peer Reviewer at IEEE Journal of Biomedical & Health Informatics (JBHI)
Peer Reviewer at Journal for Medical Internet Research (JMIR)
Public Speaker: USA, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Morocco, Philippines (+30 tal


Saturday 20 April, 03:00 PM

till Saturday 20 April 04:30 PM


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