Public Landfill Tour

Have you ever wondered what happens to your trash once you leave it at the curb? It doesn’t just disappear. Join us on a tour of your local landfill to find out where it all ends up. In addition to touring an active landfill, participants will also get to ride to the top of a closed cell, and see a Landfill Gas-to-Energy Facility. Take a guided tour and learn:

How to reduce waste at home
How to recycle more than you can leave out at the curb
How trash is being turned into energy
What items can be harmful if you put them in the trash

To learn more about touring your local landfill visit us online at: 


Wednesday 16 January, 09:30 AM

till Wednesday 16 January 10:30 AM


Hope Community Church 2080 East Williams Street Apex US

Wake County Waste & Recycling

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Join us on a tour of your local landfill to find out where your trash ends up! In addition to touring an active landfill, participants will get to ride to the top of a closed landfill, and see a Landfill Gas-to-Energy Facility. Tours are prioritized for Wake County residents. Tour participants must be aged 8 years or older by the date of the tour, no exceptions.

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