Can you image? It feels like 2019 just started and we are now already heading to the end. Are you on track with your goals?  If it’s yes, congratulations! If not, what happened? Did you had a plan, but needed to change the course because of crucial life events? Or maybe you got stuck, overwhelmed or unable to get on track.  Achievement doesn’t just occur. You have to take action in the right direction to make it happen.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the clarity and tools to...

Set your goals
Take planned actions
Reflect and refocus
Abandon limiting beliefs
Tackle problems and challenges
Elevate your energy
Go from struggle and stress to structure and success
Improve your impact
Zest and celebrate your achievements
End 2019 as your best year yet

Sounds perfect, right? While we both know that sometimes, suddenly the tables turn and life starts throwing you lemons. You can’t hide from those circumstances and have to live up to it. If this happens, don’t stop believing in your dreams and goals. Just remember that the harder the struggle, the sweeter the success.
How I got from aim to action
For a long time, I struggled and faced many challenges in life. As an ambitious person with lots of goals, but also a perfectionist who is hard to satisfy, I got stuck.

Stuck in the rat race, working my but off but not getting anywhere.
Stuck in overthinking mode by second-guessing everything. What if…this? What if … that?
Stuck in my energy level and got myself burned out.

But 3 years ago I said enough is enough. Old habits, aren’t getting me new results.  So, I adopted a new method that now seems to be very effective. I've set some pretty ambitious goals for 2020 like helping 1000 impact-driven women to build a business that makes a difference, becoming an advocate for gender equality at the UN level and running a marathon. Soon after implementing a new way of thinking and taking action, I began to reach the results I was aiming for. To date, I’ve inspired hundreds of women and worked with numerous ideal clients. I’m a representative of the International Alliance of Women organizations at UNIDO, one of the agencies of the UN. I went from running 0 to now 6K. The magic key to reaching these goals was a clear and conscious strategy.
I would love to share my method with you, so I created the MAKE IT HAPPEN Masterclass in which I show you how to keep your eyes on the prize and make things happen with clarity and confidence.
The MAKE IT HAPPEN Masterclass is an exclusive and intensive 1-day training for ambitious impact-driven women entrepreneurs who want to (re)focus on their goals, (re)frame their plan, and (re)fuel their spirit to make their dreams come true.
In the MAKE IT HAPPEN Masterclass you will: 

set your goals
plan your route
define and prioritize action steps
learn how to deal with obstacles and limiting beliefs
boost your productivity and motivation
build your routine

All just in 1 day!
The masterclass is very intensive and filled with practical and doable assignments. Therefore we'll work in a small group of max. 8 participants.

"I experienced Erica as a positive, experienced and wise woman/coach/trainer. Her 'Make it Happen Masterclass' was very well structured and prepared. The booklet she handed out, offered a great guideline from ideas to concrete action with encouraging quotes and further tools. Super valuable to take with you! If you are looking for a great kickoff-guidance, planning and concrete tools to put your ideas into reality, join the Masterclass! Very recommended!"Stephanie Lehmann"I found out about Erica through my search for a personal masterclass on Eventbrite. I immediately signed up because it was the right time for me to dive deeper into my purpose and gain clarity. Erica was very helpful. I look forward to possible future collaborations. I would recommend the session with Erica for everyone who wants to accelerate their personal development."Gulce Onganer

Who is this training for?
The MAKE IT HAPPEN Masterclass is for ambitious impact-driven women (entrepreneurs) who are 

Sick of feeling stuck
Done making excuses
Willing to do whatever it takes

The masterclass is offered for the special price of € 79,=  excl. VAT, including all drinks, snacks, lunch, and workbook.
Bonus #1: 2 live Q&A calls after day 30 and day 60.These live calls are my way of making sure you get the support you need to make things happen.
Bonus #2: Invitation for a celebration drink in December 2019 to savor your successes.
Bonus #3: A personal goodie bag

*I cannot give you a guarantee of success. I’ll give you a valuable roadmap, but you have to take action and do the work.
*If you cannot make it to the masterclass you are allowed to sell your ticket. 


So, can I save you a spot for this masterclass?
Now is the time to take action. Don’t wait because time doesn’t either.                                         
Hope to see you!
Erica van EngelChief Empowerment Officer @ Belief in Business

Practical information
You're welcome from 9.30 a.m. The masterclass starts at 10.00 a.m. and closes at 4.00 p.m.

Submission of personal information
This masterclass is organized by Belief in Business. You enroll by ordering a ticket on this page. By enrolling you agree that Belief in Business will register your personal information and you'll be added to our e-mail list. We will take care of your data in accordance with our privacy policy.


Friday 27 September 2019, 10:00 AM

till Friday 27 September 2019 04:00 PM


Tribes Rotterdam Wilhelminatoren 1-40 Wilhelminaplein Rotterdam NL

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