Lunchbox Millionaire creative enterprise capital f
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  • Organized by Ota okojie
  • Saturday 19 June, 04:30 PM

This creative enterprise challenge is for the hungry entrepreneur that wants to develop new skills, have access, learn to navigate the market and build a following like no other. We help with your growth your development , strategy, with classes, talks, and development strategy. How can you make money with your passion, how can you build a base and make more conversions, how do you disrupt the market? How do you acquire more capital. Join founder of Lunchbox millionaire Otatade Okojie, who will help you with some keen insights nuggets and ideas. There's nothing better than being secure in the fact that you are moving forward, take a risk on yourself, and invest in our classes, and workshops. Enjoy,engage,and develop. Refine old skills, connect and learn new skills. 


Saturday 19 June, 04:30 PM

till Saturday 19 June 06:00 PM


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