At My Business Growth Club we have all run and grown or own businesses.  We’ve learned a lot over the decades and want to make that available in ways that make a significant difference to the businesses and the lives of our members.  This is what drives us to run My Business Growth Club.


Chris Burton

“It’s the challenge of unlocking the real potential for a business to grow profitably that lights my fire”. Chris thrives on helping ambitious business owners to make the big growth breakthroughs that take their business to the next level and achieve its real potential.

Chris focuses on helping businesses to attract, create and retain the most valuable customers who strongly recommend to others. They typically create 8 times their own lifetime value through recommendation, unlocking the real potential in a business to grow and keep growing profitably.


Karen McKeogh

“The only limitations we have are those that we set in our own minds”. Karen firmly believes that there are no limits, everything we want to do in life can be achieved.  The key is to break everything down into simple, achievable steps and having the commitment to follow through.  The quality of the questions we ask ourselves culminates in planning a route to achieve our goals and reach our vision.


Tim Mitchell

“With the right foundations, support and marketing in place, there shouldn’t be any reason why a business limits itself.”

Anyone having started a business will know how exciting it can be in the early days. They also know how quickly this excitement can fade away after reality sets in. Many will soon give up and for those that carry on, they too will find themselves facing more challenges over the years such as hiring or firing employees.


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