The Dusty Knuckle is one of London's leading sourdough bakeries, providing freshly baked bread and pastries to some of the city's best restaurants, cafes and shops. Opened in 2014 in an empty shipping container, the bakery has now moved into a permanent space with a buzzing cafe offering world-class sandwiches. The bakery also works with disadvantaged youth by providing training in the bakery with the aim of offering legitimate employment opportunities. The bakery school opened in February 2019 in the container units, and teaches a range of bread, pastry, cooking and fermentation classes. Our classes are taught by highly experienced bakers with a passion for the classroom.


The school has undergone some changes in light of the ongoing coronavirus situation:

- Masks are voluntary

- increased ventilation

- all breaks taken outside, if possible

- increased hand washing/sanitisation

If you have contracted Covid-19 please email us with the following information and we will book you on to the next available class within the month of your COVID results. If classes are sold out for that month, we will book you onto the next available class of the following month only. Failure to attend reschedule classes forfeits your ticket and you will have to purchase a new ticket for a new class.

- Positive PCR test result

- Full name

- Original class date

- Ticket number

Classes remain non-refundable and non transferable.