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LoveMaze Singles & Couples Dating Events: LoveMaze Relationship Science Lab organizes group date nig

LoveMaze Relationship Science Lab organizes group date nights. Powered by thelovemaze.com (https://thelovemaze.com), LoveMaze events are all about partnership. At the events, LoveMaze's proprietary algorithm pairs singles up with their best possible partners to explore the activities together. Couples enhance their bond by doing things together and see where they stack up against other couples. Backed by scientific research and Nobel Prize winning Stable Matching theory, and as a candidate for a Social Impact grant, the LoveMaze application provides individuals with a powerful tool to identify the best potentials for a long term happy relationship, and maintain it. Instead of online texting, LoveMaze facilitates meetings through real life relevant events. RSVP on the LoveMaze and test your compatibility with each other before the events through online game dates and CQ analysis. Then experience in real life events to see the results. A profile on LoveMaze is required to join LoveMaze events. A working smart phone with data connection is required for onsite real time matching.