Global Woman Club started in a London office in March 2016 which evolved from Global Woman magazine, a quarterly publication founded by Mirela Sula, started one year before. In December 2016 it moved to a grand venue cafe/restaurant setting in Piccadilly Circus London and is now in different hotels around central London. With an expansion that began in September 2017, by the end of 2019 Global Woman Club were in over 25 locations in 21 countries, with 4 magazines and 8 books published, alongside media and branding training and in January 2020 the online Global Woman Academy was launched, packed with great video content of top interviews, speaker presentations, and tips and advice. 

Global Woman also holds big conference events in different cities and countries and in July 2019 held its fourth Global Woman Summit with Kim Kiyosaki as the keynote speaker, with her "Rich Women", plus the Global Woman Awards and Gala Dinner.      

Our model is organic growth where women come to Global Woman events and Business Global Woman Club breakfasts, and through the relationships built, we find a new Regional Director for a new location, who more often than not approach us to open a club. 

Global Woman additionally works in partnership with others, for example, the world renowned Success Resources, The Best You, and the Inspiration Awards for Women, Global Woman is for women in business who are warm hearted, and enjoy having fun as well. It is for women who like to build trusted relationships first and then do business.                    


We will be taking photographs and videos at the events. By purchasing the ticket, you are consenting to photographs being published. Please direct any questions to Linda: