Since 1978, Genelec has dedicated itself to helping customers fulfil their dreams by offering them the most truthful sound reproduction possible. Since then the company has developed the highest quality studio monitors and active loudspeaker systems, becoming recognised as the global leader in the innovation and development of technologies for highly demanding professional audio monitoring. Genelec’s ongoing philosophy is not just to be the best but to always seek to become even better. Accordingly, the Genelec R&D team’s technical ambition has led to countless innovations and revolutionary designs, setting benchmarks and helping to define the path of our industry. Developing and maintaining a wide product offering has also given Genelec an exceptional opportunity to support various professional audio monitoring applications and ultimately gather tremendous experience. Every Genelec customer benefits from this experience by having precision audio monitoring tools to rely on even in challenging conditions. Genelec products are designed for demanding professional, premium AV installation and home use. They reveal the original nuances of the sound, without leaving anything out nor adding anything to the signal in any stage of the production. Genelec products are made to last, with pride and care by our own highly committed and experienced production team, based in Finland. Even our very first products are still in active use and we continue our strong commitment to provide service and spare parts for all products for years even after their discontinuation.


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