Dream Lifestyle, Pa$$ive/Re$idual Income, & Pro Network Marketing Coach

After graduating from Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration, I was working over 60 hours/week for a major hotel chain and hated being stuck in traffic on the freeways. Even as an assistant manager, I had to take-on a part-time job on the weekends just to make ends meet since I was living in Los Angeles at the time. I knew there had to be a better way.

I was invited to a business opportunity meeting in 2003 which forever changed my life by opening my eyes to a whole other world. 6 network marketing companies and 17+ years later, I now lead a successful organization that's on-track to totaling over 1,000,000 distributors with 20+ million dollar/year earners.

​Our Mission is to help Americans and American businesses save a combined total of $1 BILLION on all their monthly, recurring bills before 2022 while producing over 1,000 individuals or couples to cash-flow over $150,000/year as a MISC-1099 independent "Consultant" with Westport, CT tech startup, Viv Network.  Learn more at: https://greensunshinepower.justviv.com
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