Our mission at Fielding Financial is clear: To make families in the UK financially free by lighting the spark of financial possibility for as many people as we can get to.

Fielding Financial is an award-winning property investing training company, who, in the last year have won the prestigious title of Best Property Education Provider 2018 at The Property Wire Awards and have been independently assessed by thinktank M-Brain as the number one for customer care, professionalism and accreditation, value for money, integrity and transparency, and charity involvement in the property investing training arena.

The company was formed 10 years ago by self-made millionaire, property expert and entrepreneur Gill Fielding. Passionate about ‘lighting the spark of financial freedom’ for others Gill shares her decades of accumulated knowledge through the training programmes provided at Fielding Financial.

Fielding Financial specialises in helping people to understand the key principles behind the achievement of financial freedom through investing in property, business and shares and trading. Fielding Financial traches it’s students how to manage and improve their financial situation and reach the level of success they personally want to achieve, whether that’s to live comfortably with a little extra income or to radically transform their position, give up the day job and live their lives exactly as they dreamed.


With the mission to help everyone in the UK to better understand those financial management principles we want to help share the knowledge that will give individuals greater control over, and success with their money.


Financial management through Fielding Financial is not about ‘getting rich quick,’ although some people do make rapid progress after putting their affairs in order. Rather, it is about creating a solid financial foundation that will undo previous bad habits, repair distorted beliefs about money and wealth and set an action-orientated course for the future which lead to real opportunities for life-changing wealth.


Fielding Financials’ purpose is to educate the nation in managing and improving their financial position, while ‘lighting the spark of financial possibility’ for as many people as possible. In turn, and through creating professional property investors we encourage a similar ethos within our students and graduates, to give back to the community through education and by professionally offering safe housing for others.