Hello, as an expert with 35+ years in voice production I work with people globally to help each excel vocally in all aspects of their lives. Voice production touches you every day, in everything you do from your work to singing in a choir or as a soloist, in your business, or work and importantly in your personal relationships.

As a voice technician, I established a method that emphasises 50% on your physical instrument, 20% on your mindful determination of excellence, and 30% instilling safe, correct vocal techniques that give you the vocal skills you need to excel.

My approach is to meet your individual needs with an intuitive combination of traditional, classical, therapeutic and unorthodox techniques and confidence building for you to gain the skills you need. My methods are a combination of intuition, experience, skill and knowledge as a yoga therapist, meditation and mindfulness master and composer.

If you have vocal therapy challenges or have specific needs physically and/or psychologically my approach can help you produce a voice you are proud of.

Excel with confidence to be an expert speaker, singer, vocalist, actor, communicator and more.