Common Wealth - Common Vision

‘Word of mouth’ marketing is a great way to generate new business. Why not come and see how your business could benefit?

What makes BNI special is that each member draws on their personal and professional networks to generate business for each other. It’s not the people around the table you’ll be marketing to, but the people they know. It’s a bit like having your own dedicated sales team.

BNI is currently the most successful organisation of its type in the world with over 4,700 chapters in the UK and worldwide. Last year, our members passed nearly 6 million referrals, generating over £1.75 billion worth of business.

A unique aspect of BNI is that we only allow one person per profession within each chapter. So, if you join, your competitors will be ‘locked out’ of all the great business generated for you - and right now our chapter is seeking someone from your profession to refer all this business to.