Connecting Creatives with clients and bringing Artists to audiences.

Unapologetically commercial, ArtSHINE™ works globally with commercially minded artists, designers, and creative industries professionals; Creatives. (And the Impact Investors and communities who support them.)

As a social enterprise / for purpose business, ArtSHINE inspires and empowers commercially minded Creatives to build sustainable enterprises and generate viable incomes through our flexible, practical, and real-world approach to creative practice, commercialisation, art licensing, and entrepreneurial education. 

Even though the world is moving faster and competition among Creatives has increased, ArtSHINE believes there has never been a time of greater opportunity. And this is evident in the successes of our clients! Through ArtSHINE Creatives are better able to build sustainable business enterprises to support their artistic endeavours while generating income from their works.

An ArtSHINE program provides all the skills, experience, and support Creatives need to take their art & design practices to the next level.

ArtSHINE delivers coaching, education, and ongoing support using ‘action learning’ principles (learn by doing) and providing business templates, tools, and resources, along with our proprietary OPIC™ action planning systems.

ArtSHINE’s programs are generally twelve months in duration. And for successful graduates these programs culminate in representation at an international art licensing trade show; Surtex New York, or Licensing Expo China, or Brand Licensing Europe.

Here's what we do:

  • ArtSHINEaccelerator:- For Creatives ready to move to the next level and gain the skills to license and commercialise their works. ArtSHINE is constantly seeking to work with commercially minded Artists, Designers, and innovative Creative Industries Professionals.
  • ArtSHINEgallery:- For art enthusiasts seeking to discover new Artists and original works: ArtSHINE is helping Artists connect with, and expand their audiences.
  • ArtSHINElicensing:- For manufacturers and art directors seeking exciting new designs to license and wholesale: ArtSHINE is a non traditional licensing agency representing ArtSHINE Artists.
  • ArtSHINEplaygound:- For stylish art lovers seeking the latest excusive and unique products, fashion items, and home & giftware: ArtSHINE is helping ArtSHINE Artists explore commercialisation and see which of their new products resonate best with audiences.
  • ArtSHINEshowcase:- For established retailers seeking exclusive new ranges to feature in store: ArtSHINE's product development and wholesaling arm is connecting a select group of ArtSHINE Bright Stars and ArtSHINE program graduates with global retail audiences.