Match & Meditate—Detect Connecti
Learn to tune in to intuition which is largely comprised of your feelings and sensations in order to get a sense of whether a person is for you. Understand better whether you resonate with someone and how; also understand when you don’t. We all have the sixth sense built in. The key is to energize and utilize it to help with forming a deep and sustainable long-term happy partnership.
In this special session, we’ll learn and practice “Match and Sense.” Sign up on the LoveMaze and test your compatibilities with one another before the session. Then detect in real life and see the results. Tune in and develop intuition and increase your capacity. Your deeper connected match is just some practices away.
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Events are for singles. A working smart phone with data connection is needed for onsite real time matching/partnering.


Sunday 23 September 2018, 04:00 PM

till Thursday 31 December 11:00 PM


Midtown East Midtown East New York US

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