Writing from Art: Poetry Inspired by Goldsmiths Ce

This five-week poetry course is suitable for both new and experienced writers. You will receive practical guidance on how to work with the art in the CCA, and perform close readings of selected poems by published authors, before creating your own draft poems. You will combine the visual and written to interrogate your artistic imagination, with a focus on improving your writing technique. Poetry classes will include poetic and other readings on the selected theme, some background on the chosen artist, and a session of freewriting in the CCA gallery. Students will then share their early drafts with the group, and offer some critical analysis in their role as reviewer. These workshops will be focused on providing positive and constructive feedback, in an effort to build a useful and mutually supportive working group.
There will be opportunities to discuss the context of the art in the CCA, as well as the formal aspects of the poetry chosen to support the theme of the week. Questions regarding technique and experimentation may also encourage thinking and drafting during the session. You will be expected to finish the work at home between classes, selecting one poem to share in a final showcase at the end of the course. Our work in class will be supported by discussion in a closed social media group, dealing with suggested further reading, questions, and practical advice on competitions, submissions, and other literary opportunities.
Over these five weeks, we will pay close attention to how poetry and art can work together, the history and evolution of ekphrasis, and the conventions surrounding credit and acknowledgement in the ekphrastic tradition. A wide selection of poetry will ensure a commitment to diversity of culture and voice
This course runs for 5 weeks 


Wednesday 26 February, 06:30 PM

till Wednesday 25 March 08:30 PM


SE14 6NW Goldsmiths, University of London London GB

Goldsmiths, University of London

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