Watson Assistant Workshop IBM Amsterdam  16/04/201

The Virtual Agent is becoming a more regular addition to the present customer support channels. This additional interaction channel can provide easier access to information for your customer on one side and, on the other side, generate savings in time and money to your customer support organisation.   However, to make sure that your customer satisfaction and your savings are realized, it is important that your Virtual Agent interacts in an appealing way with your customers and provides them with the right and relevant information. Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered solutions like IBM Watson Assistant, make it possibleto let your Virtual Agent be more effective and to improve!   Learn more about this on our Watson Assistant Workshop!   This workshop will focus on today's developments of applying machine learning to the building and optimizationof conversational agents and chatbots. Interacting with the machine via natural language is one of the requirements for general artificial intelligence.
This field of AI is called dialogue systems, spoken dialogue systems, or chatbots. The machine needs to provide you with an informative answer, maintain the context of the dialogue,and be indistinguishable from the human.


Chatbot: The revolution and evolution of the AI-powered technology
What’s happening in conversational AI & Watson Assistant
Stories of how Watson Assistant is transforming business worldwide


Hands-on workshop where you will learn how to build your first chatbot
Learn how to train your chatbot to reply to questions using intents, entities, dialog


If you're interested in joining but don't don't know much about chatbots yet, don't worry:
you can run through the Introduction to Watson Assistant

here: https://www.ibm.com/cloud/watson-assistant/


Tuesday 16 April, 10:00 AM

till Tuesday 16 April 01:00 PM


IBM Client Center Amsterdam Johan Huizingalaan 765 Amsterdam NL

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