Voice Alchemy & Biodynamic Breath Cacao Ceremony

This evening, Kachenka and Saša, will take us on a journey of self discovery combining powerful practices of Biodynamic Breath and Voice Alchemy, the two key practices which are the direct connection to our true essence. We create a safe space where we reconnect with our most depth as human beings by allowing sound and breath to cultivate through our whole body

Are you longing to find your authentic voice expression? The expression which is connected to your real emotions and your soul?
Do you want to bring a full flow of life force into your body and feel fully alive? Do you want to experience blissful orgasmic expansion? Is there a heavy feeling in your body and you don't know how to let it go? Are you going through some difficult moment in your life and you want to move on?
Then this evening is your playground . 
Come and Move your Energy, Open your Voice, Express yourself, Open your Heart , Breathe, let it Flow!

1. We open sacred space for heartfelt prayers and healing with Cacao medicine and intentional sharing.
2. We start with bioenergetic exercises smoothly transitioning into deep process of a breathwork shedding layers and armouring that prevents us from fully experiencing our true self expression. The foucus of this session will be our throat and chest, although any other place in your body might feel relieve.
Integration will be accompanied by meditative Hang drum music by Saša
3. Through body exercises we slowly transition into the second part of evening, into vocal exercises and playful co-creation, we access the alchemy of sounds, music and rhythms. Togetherness and celebration.

The Spirit of Cacao is a teacher, a keeper of ancient, sacred wisdom. The spiritual dimension is perceived as radiant energy, described as a medicine of the soul, medicine of peace and rainbow medicine. On the eternal, cosmic world map, Cacao marks one of the great world trees. Representing this tree of life, Cacao carries the frequencies of love, balance and compassion, allowing a deep, loving connection with yourself and others. We will create a sacred space to ground yourself, recalibrate your inner spaces and expand your being in spacious, loving waves.

This deeply powerful ceremony will be a journey, where you will be guided into a higher state of consciousness using a deep connected breath - thus flooding the body with oxygen and allowing for any trapped emotions or traumas to rise to the surface, to complete expression or be cleared from your body. Leaving yourself feeling more whole and integrated.
  Bioenergetic is the basis of this form of therapy. It is the relevance of the body’s own energy to the emotional and psychological well-being of the person. In order to achieve emotional health, energy must be permitted to flow freely through the mind and the body. Bioenergetic analysis is built on the foundation that each person is one with his or her body and therefore, all of the life events and experiences are in reality experiences of the body.
   Breathing is a powerful tool to open and explore your energy. Through various techniques such as breath and pulsations you are encouraged to relax, release repressed emotions and body tensions, allowing the integration of previously unresolved issues. You move through many different layers of your personality, creating a clear awareness and understanding of unconscious mind patterns.
This technique can also bring you back to your birth, a traumatic experience locked in the unconscious, and even to experiences before birth. Reliving these events makes available incredible resources of energy and brings you to a new -Yes- and deep trust towards life. Breath work is best done on an empty stomach. Bring comfortable clothes for free movement and warm blanket.
This work is not suitable for people with Heart desease, Epilepsy, Schizoprenia and pregnancy.

Kachenka Foltova is a Free spirit and natural healer of many paths of life. Born in Czech Republic. Hatha and Tantra Kriya Yoga teacher, Shiatsu Thai massagist, Biodynamic breath and trauma release practitioner, Reiki & Deeksha giver, Initiated into plant medicine paths with Huichol and Shipibo tribes.


VOICE ALCHEMY is a space where we reconnect with our most depth as human beings by allowing sound and breath to cultivate through our whole body. As the voice is key to our soul, we acknowledge his infinite potential and healing vibrations to be manifested beyond our cultural conditions and habitual patterns. It is a guided practice and invitation for each and everyone to emerge deeper into various frequencies, textures and emotions which our voice as an instrument is naturally capable of expressing and releasing ...With out any judgement and expectations we experience deep listening and surrendering to the present moment. Voice Alchemy is a doorway to meet your raw and authentic self and simply remember this unique gift -the human power of singing and connecting to your inner true Voice.
No previous musical or singing experience required.
Please bring a meditation cushion and comfortable clothes.

Saša Pavić, born in Serbia, based in Berlin is professional contemporary dancer, certified Ayurvedic and Thai Yoga massage therapist and sound healing facilitator. His great passion is to combine movement, sound vibrations and music with fascination to explore the infinite potential and healing power of humans voice.



Sunday 24 November 2019, 06:00 PM

till Sunday 24 November 2019 10:00 PM


Impuls Heilpraxis - Räume für Wohlbefinden und Heilkunst Weichselstraße 53 DE