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  • Tuesday 16 April, 07:00 AM

Last year BNI UK & Ireland members passed some 677k referrals and exchanged over £497m of business. 
If you're a small business, business professional, entrepreneur, solopreneur or contractor, who wants to do more business, we'd love the opportunity to welcome you as a visitor at BNI Waterloo - meeting at The Fire Station, 150 Waterloo Road every Tuesday from 6 45 am - 8 30 am. 
Our chapter is a dynamic, committed group of business people who know how to refer business to each other.
We have open categories for individuals who will bring enthusiasm and integrity to our meeting. Just one person per professional specialty is allowed in each chapter. When you visit our group, you will meet and network with our members, get to know their business and they will have the opportunity to learn about yours through a short 60 second presentation. The opportunity to grow your own business, free of competition, within a growing group of like minded and well connected professionals is enormous.
"It's like having a sales team working for you every day"
Members continually make new contacts, meet old friends and generate new business opportunities.
The BNI philosophy is "Givers Gain" ... If I give you business, you'll want to give me business.
Many a visitor has walked away with a business referral.
Take the first step to building a stronger business and visit us today.
For further information about visiting the group, please contact a member of the Leadership Team or book today.
Chapter President
Alexander Pappin: 
Amy Shields:
Secretary Treasurer
Jonathan Kemp: 


Tuesday 16 April, 07:00 AM

till Tuesday 16 April 09:00 AM


The Fire Station 150 Waterloo Road, London GB

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