Van Gogh Find Yourself at The Met

Changing Lives One Portrait at a Time. "Moving and heartfelt", Outstanding!!! , Storytelling at it's finest, Inspirational". 
Joe· November 2019
This was a singular, beautiful, fascinating, immersive, magical experience. To have lunch with Vincent... I don’t know who enjoyed it more, my 6 year old daughter or me. I can not recommend Vincent/Walter highly enough. We were incredibly lucky to have this interactive one-man tour de force and tour d’art! If you’re wondering how to make your day or trip or life unforgettable, spend a few hours with this amazing man.
Over 60 people have rated this experience 5 stars @ The Met and MoMa.
Have you always wanted to meet a famous artist? 
To beat the crowds at The Met, 9am, Vincent Van Gogh will meet you at Ryan's Daughter where (#vgfy) began 5 Years ago.
Art suppies will be provided. You can draw along while Vincent draws your portraits revealing the secrets of how he put so much love into his work and the iconic moments that shaped his life.
After about an hour with Vincent, Walter arrives and we will see the collection of art over the last 5 years of #VGFY, then we walk to the The Met and see the 17 Van Gogh paintings.
Dec. 31, 2019 show at Ryan's and Vincent's Paintings at The Met
Art suppies will be available or bring your sketchbook.You can draw along while Vincent draws your portraits revealing the secrets of how he put so much love into his work and the iconic moments that shaped his life.
Links and reviews from Vincent's Wandering:
Belgium News June 2019
Edinburgh Reviews
NYC: Over 60 5-Star reviews
Tippayanet (Lens)·December 2019
Immersive storytelling like experiencing a live stage show of Vincent Van Gogh while receiving positive feeling and colourful drawing portrait in the end. Walter is a talented person who is not only look alike Van Gogh, but also has an emotional connection with another perspective of story about Van Gogh’s life. Thank you, Walter.
Joe· November 2019
This was a singular, beautiful, fascinating, immersive, magical experience. To have lunch with Vincent... I don’t know who enjoyed it more, my 6 year old daughter or me. I can not recommend Vincent/Walter highly enough. We were incredibly lucky to have this interactive one-man tour de force and tour d’art! If you’re wondering how to make your day or trip or life unforgettable, spend a few hours with this amazing man.
Amy· November 2019
Our family had a wonderful time experiencing Van Gogh through Walter’s show. He did a wonderful job making the story relatable to our kids- ages 13, 10, and 4. It was the perfect way to bite off a small piece of a huge museum and come away with a deep understanding of a legendary artist.

September, 2019

This was a great experience. Walter's show is unique and engaging. His passion really comes through in his performance. My friend and I were only in NYC for a few days, and I'm so glad we were able to make this a part of our trip. It was a highlight of our time there. Walter emphasized the importance of supporting living artists, and we couldn't agree more. I highly recommend spending a morning with Walter and Vincent.

May, 2019

I can not recommend this experience enough. Walter is a true living artist. “Vincent” took his time to connect with us as he drew our portraits and told us about his life in a way that made even the facts I knew seem new and interesting. Walter then took us to the Van Gogh exhibit and gave more insight into the beautiful works. Do yourself a favor and meet this wonderful man. SUPPPORT LIVING ARTISTS!

April, 2019

Walter is an amazing story teller- we went knowing nothing about Vincent and got totally involved as he described his life... which meant so much more when we then went to look at his art- this experience is perfect for children and adults alike, the stories make the art have meaning and really come to life !

April, 2019

This experience is really good. You get go to the met. Walter first goes into detail about Vincent's life. The cool thing is that you can ask questions and he will answer them. The even cooler thing is during the story he makes a portrait of you,…+ More

April, 2019

Support living artists!!! What a wonderful experience with this actor/visual artist who brings Vincent to life. The time with him was totally engaging and fascinating. Vincent's letters seem to come alive in the two hours time. Truly unique and the momento he prepares ever so quickly is precious in itself. You are such a special human being.. Thank you!

April, 2019

Walter was great, loved the accent!! Hope you find a new hat!! Melinda and I enjoyed listening to you and looking at the art!

April, 2019

It’s my job to coach primary/elementary school teachers and today’s experience with Walter/Vincent was a masterclass for me. This is how deep, memorable learning happens - when new information is imparted in connection with authentic emotion and within a warm, safe relationship. I learnt more about Van Gogh from this experience than I ever could from a book or lecture and came away feeling a true connection to him. I booked the experience as a surprise for my Dad and my sister and all three of us were transfixed right from the start. Vincent warmly greeted us like old friends and immediately we were immersed in a convincing narrative. We spent an hour listening to Vincent share his life story as he sketched our portraits. At no stage did it feel scripted or stilted. It felt like we were granted a privileged and unique insight into a truly fascinating mind. Afterwards, Vincent became Walter, and we wandered through the stunning artworks and appreciated them together, like friends. Walter’s professionalism, warmth, generosity, expertise and deep personal insight made this an experience to remember forever. I recommend this experience wholeheartedly.

March, 2019

The experience was fabulous. After meeting up we were taken to the members lounge, which was so very nice. Vincent (Walter) went into his life story. We of course were asking questions all along. Very easy to feel comfortable and he also made us each a portrait while talking and answering questions. Then we end t to see the painting together. Excellent... I am glad to have had the experience.

March, 2019

Initially, I was a little hesitant about signing up for this experience because I feared a guy in character as Van Gogh might be a bit cheesy. Rest assured, this is a cheese-free zone. As an actor, Walter does an excellent job in character of presenting some of Van Gogh's history including his faith, family dynamic, how he worked at his art, and his ongoing struggle with mental illness . Previously, I had not known about the deep empathy, compassion and love he showed towards his fellow man. I left feeling that Van Gogh was first a great (although unrecognized) humanitarian, and second a great artist. Walter did an awesome job of giving us a little peak into Van Gogh's soul and the motivations that may explain some of his odd behavior that has always been so widely publicized. I left with a new level of appreciation of Vincent Van Gogh's talent as an artist, and a deep respect for him as a man. If you are an admirer of this artist, you won't want to miss this experience!

February, 2019

I thought this would just be a fun was to see the museum, have a guide through the masses of tourists. It was so much more! Walter aka Vincent found me in the lobby and we proceeded to the museum Members Only lounge that was quite and inviting with comfortable seating and refreshments. I sat with Vincent for over an hour hearing his fascinating life story, his highs and lows, struggles and loves with humanity. The performance brought me to tears at points of his storytelling, Walter truly portrayed the artist with fine respect. From there we toured the galleries of the masters and having heard the stories before hand it enhance the paintings. TAKE THIS TOUR! Crazy not to gain such an experience and your entrance fee is included, that alone is worth $25, so see the museum and have such a memorable NYC afternoon.

February, 2019

Walter played Vincent himself and gave a very touching and inspiring perspective of the life story, very unique experience and like the title, it did somehow inspired me to "find myself", thank you Walter/Vincent!

This experience will take place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 Fifth Avenue, New York City. I have purchased a membership and can bring 4 people inside with me. Book the experience and get inside as well.

I will meet you at the 81st Street Entrance - NOT UP THE STEPS -

Strict Security at The Met:

Doors will open promptly at 10 am.

No food or drink or suitcases allowed.

You can finish your coffee or tea and the

All bags are searched and drinks are tossed in the garbage.

No Art allowed inside.

Water is OK to bring in.

Walter is an NYC based artist currently traveling the world with his one-man show about Vincent Van Gogh. Walter draws live performances around NYC and in the Festival and also draws live while he is performing his show.
In NYC You can find him performing the Van Gogh Experience at The Met and The MoMa. Walter has received 50 – 5 Star Reviews for his NYC Museum Experiences in his 1st year.
Next up, May-August:
Philadelphia, Cincinnati, London, Paris, Auvers-Sur-Oise, Arles, and Edinburgh.
 Picture was taken in Morecambe, U.K. of a fan wearing my BeSpoke Leather Jacket.

 In June Walter is traveling with the artist @MorganIco. to Arles, France via London in an #art Vehicle painted by @MorganIco.

And then off to Edinburgh again for the 4th and final Edinburgh Festival Fringe where he will be performing 2 shows a day as part of The PBH Free Fringe. Van Gogh Find Yourself and Walter The Wanderer.

To make the most of the Edinburgh Festival, Walter has created a few Air BnB Experiences where you can Live With Van Gogh at The Fringe,  as well as have Dinner With Van Gogh and Friends and you can also Van Gogh Find Yourself & Impressionism at The museum in Edinburgh.

For the 4th Year while in Edinburgh, on August 10th his late Mum’s Birthday,  Walter will attempt to break the world record for Most Portraits in 12 Hours to raise awareness for Mental Health and the charity Support In Mind Scotland.

Walter’s home base is the Iconic Irish Pub Ryan’s Daughter in Yorkville on the U.E.S.
You can find him upstairs curating festivals and art shows, or he will draw you a live portrait.
Walter Michael

Audience Reviews from Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019
Anna Johnson
What a wonderful experience!
I went to see Vincent Van Gogh on Saturday 23rd August with my Mum.
We both came away feeling incredibly moved and inspired. Evident how much research went into the making of this show. And how much love. Easily one our favourite experiences of the Fringe.
If ever you find yourself looking for a truly immersive performance, we couldn’t recommend this one more.
Keep doing what you’re doing Walter, it’s wonderful!!!
Taylor Funnell
I have been talking to Walter for about 3 months now he is a wonderful human and his show is the best van Gogh show out there. I have been to the show 4 times this year and I just think its wonderful I like how you can make art while learning about Vincent’s life I definitely Recommend this show to everybody.
Chris Wilkins
Moving, sweet and memorable – the sort of left field experience that perhaps is only possible in Edinburgh. I’d highly recommend a visit to this uniquely intimate event. Thank you, Walter, for sharing your passion and insights into an artist we all think we know – but was actually much more complex than the familiar caricature.
Dana Serfaty
Watched #vgfy on my last day in Edinburgh and loved it so much, wished I could watch it again.Special and unique piece, sensitive and beautiful performance ♡
A really enjoyable, arty and informative hour spent in wonderful company. Vincent (or Walter) is very entertaining and his show is a hidden gem. Can’t recommend it highly enough. Go for the art and stay for the entertainment!
Aunt Ellie
Vincent was alive in Walter. The artist that inspires us all so much met his match in the equally inspirational artist, Walter Deforest. Incredibly moving and informative, and great fun too, unleashing you’re inner artist. If you see any free show at the Fringe PLEASE make it this one, it’s what Vincent would have wanted.
Daniel Perez
☆☆☆☆ A Hidden GemWhat a delightful surprise this show was. Intimate both in its staging and delivery, the audience sit at a small painting workshop along with Vincent (Walter DeForest), as he beautifully narrates his life story. DeForest brings a casual passion to the character, always real but never overwhelmingly so, a perfect balance to sway his (sadly sparse) audience and take them for a ride down memory lane. In a quieter venue and with a more welcoming stage, this show would be an absolute hit. Totally recommended!
Chris Davis
You will be so happy you came upon this show! The performer really embodies the spirit of Van Gogh, you learn a lot about his life, AND you even may pick up some artistic ability too. The performer Walter really throws himself into the role and disappears, at times I felt like I really was listening to Van Gogh. He makes many salient points about how we treat artists today, and how we treat art in general. A beautiful show, highly recommend it, for ALL ages.
A brilliant show on the 4th. An excellent & natural performance. Combining a little art therapy with an entertaining delivery, I recommend this show
79-day Tour following Vincent to Edinburgh

Here is a quick rundown of the trip as it stands now  … 

Tomorrow June 5 the EdFringe Program is being Launched. 

JUNE 23 I am leaving on a 79 day Journey through France

First Stop, London: I am sure there is a kickoff event in London but my pals are taking care of that. Then we are driving a car painted with sunflowers to Arles, in the south of France for the Photography Festival:




2nd stop along the way may be Auvers-sur-Oise(Hotel where Vincent died), 
Giverny(Monet lived)
St.Remy, the Assylem
Arles The Yellow House June 31-July 10 (Largest Photography Exhibition in the world)
Nancy, in the Leon region I hope to meet the famous sculptour Remus Botar Botarro who is called the next Brancusi. Remus called me on the phone 2 weeks ago while I was working at Ryans Daughter. Remus said that he has a place for me and my work in his museums in London and Paris. We met by chance in 2016. I believe the reason he offered me this chance of a lifetime was because of our short conversation on the street of Edinburgh, I did not know who he was, he asked me if I copy Van Gogh’s Style? My response was, I have no idea what happens when the pen is put to the paper, the creative process is something magical and if anyone tells you they know what it is they are lying …. he left and came back in 45 minutes … introduced himself, gave me his card and then offered me the chance Van Gogh Never got, a space to show his work. (I cried, sweetly)
next is Mons Belgium for July 27 event
Edinburgh July 31- Aug 28 100 shows in 25 days.
Walter The Wanderer is 25 performances of the 100  I’ll be doing a colour along and also (Relaxed Performances) for children and adults on the spectrum
Morecambe, Vintage Fest Aug 31
Flight Sept 11 London to NYC


Wednesday 15 January, 09:00 AM

till Wednesday 15 January 11:00 AM


Ryan's Daughter 350 East 85th Street New York US

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