Trusted Referral Network Meeting

Welcome to the Visitor RegistrationTrusted Referrals is a successful business referral group for local professionals from the Gatwick Diamond region.  It is well-known that the best way to obtain business is through a referral from someone you trust.
The format of the morning is as follows:
6:30am - Registration and open networking.  Coffee and Tea.
6:45am - Breakfast in the Golf Centre's restaurant
7:15am - Seated for meeting
             - Introduction
             - Training
             - Circulation of business cards
7:30am - 60 second introductions - please be prepared to describe what you do and the business you are seeking8:00am - Guest speaker8:10am - Referrals, testimonials and any other business8:30am - Meeting close 
The meeting is free for first-time visitors.


Thursday 12 September, 06:30 AM

till Thursday 12 September 08:30 AM


Tilgate Forest Golf Centre Titmus Drive Crawley GB

Trusted Referrals

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Trusted Referrals is a business referral group based in the Gatwick Area.  Our meetings provide the members with the opportunity to give and receive pre-qualified referred business.  Each member has allocated time each week promote their services so that the other members gain an understanding of their target market. By meeting on a regular basis we are able to form a trust relationship which enable us to refer our colleagues with confidence. The best way to understand the concept is to experi...

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