Thursday Live Music w/ ParHasard

ParHasard is a band with the serious ambition to be at the top of your playlist on Spotify as well as your favourite new band of the year!


Thursday 20 June, 10:00 PM

till Friday 21 June 01:00 AM


The Jitterbug Saloon 170 Bloemgracht Amsterdam NL

The Jitterbug Saloon

  • Event's organizer

Where we like to keep things simple. Great hospitality, quick draw tasty cocktails, beverages and swinging music! All shaken up with a good dose of humour and fun! Let us take you back to the core of what a bar and saloon should be… a place to rock up to the bar and get a drink (often straight from the bottle) where you can come to socialise and hear the news, play a game or challenge someone to a duel. Being in the 21st century and all, unfortunately, duelling is no longer accepted... So cha...

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