The British Museum Quiz with 20% off at the Treasu

The Great Game at the museum is the perfect complement for your visit to this fantastic establishment. With so much on display it can be hard to decide what to see, this quiz will walk you around the museum and highlight the key items on display. It should take no longer than 2 hours to complete the quiz but if you would like to spend extra time looking at the exhibits you should account for this.
How does it work? There are 18 questions to answer and each answer will provide a letter. This letter needs to be written into the correct space in the cipher as you progress. The cipher can be found at the end of the quiz on page 5. If you can’t print the cipher out, draw a new one on a piece of paper (a cipher is used for coding and decoding messages).
The prize. At the very end is a coded message which can only be decoded using the completed cipher. The deciphered message will lead you to a great nearby pub at which you can collect your prize - 20% off your total food and drink bill!
A unique code used to redeem the discount for your group size is included in the prize document at the end as well as an activity pack and some history on the museum and area.
Delivery. This product is available only in digital format, after purchase you will be emailed a PDF which you can view on a mobile device or print out. You will need to bring with you a pen and piece of paper.
How to book. Choose your ticket for 1-2 people, 2-4 people or 5-8 people. You only need one ticket per group of this size.


Tuesday 3 December, 10:00 PM

till Wednesday 4 December 04:00 PM


The British Museum Great Russell Street London GB

The Great Game Treasure Hunts

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Do you think you have what it takes to crack the puzzles and make it to the final real treasure...? A pub where you get 10% or 20% off your final food and drinks bill depending on the route. The Great Game has been desiging and making treasure hunts for nearly two years now and have expanded to include almost every major city in the UK. We combine a good mix of difficult and challenging with fun and interactive to bring a truely hands on unique and old school treasure hunt experience.​ We of...

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