Smart Motorways - Driver CPC

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This course has been developed in partnership with Highways England, to support the logistics industry and engage with drivers on the benefits of using Smart motorway systems.
Congestion on the motorway and major road network in England costs an estimated £2 billion every year, with 25 per cent of this resulting from incidents. Smart motorways are a technology-driven approach to the use of our motorways. 
One of the core aims of this course is to review and improve driving behaviour using defensive driving principles and compliance with motorway signs, signals, speed limits, red X markings and use of the hard shoulder. 
Who should attend? 

Large goods vehicle drivers 
Light commercial vehicle drivers 

Benefits of attending 

Increased driver awareness of UK Smart motorway systems and how they operate 
Engage with drivers to increase compliance in the use of Smart motorways 
Reduce the number of vehicle incidents and road delays 
Promote safer driving behaviour 
Improve road safety and driver knowledge 
Reduce vehicle incidents and delays 

Course content 

Types of Smart motorway 
Design features of Smart motorways 
The technology and different signs and signals used on Smart motorways 
Driving behaviour 
Rating driving standards and evaluating road risk 
Personal factors affecting driver behaviour 
Road risks and how Smart motorways can improve safety 
The roles and responsibilities of Highways England and the Traffic Officers 


Tuesday 16 April, 07:00 AM

till Tuesday 16 April 03:00 PM


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