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  • Thursday 12 September 2019, 10:30 AM

When you take the Istanbul Secret Food Tour you will experience the most charming, less traveled areas. Let us share with you the food and culture of this amazing historic city. Only on our tour you will dine with the locals and gain a unique perspective of this amazing city. As you stroll through time, you will taste the flavors that have shaped Turkey over the centuries.
On this four-hour journey, our local guides will educate you about some of the city's most quintessential dishes. Learn the evolution and history of Turkish foods, each bite you savour will be a taste of history.
On our tour, learn how a lizard became an alligator and the city of the blind became the most desirable area for locals. With our tour, you will experience the best Doner, Lahmacun, Mehemen and a variety of other delights. As we conclude the tour, and you are very full we introduce our secret bite.
After your Istanbul Secret Food Tour experience you will feel like a local. Kadikoy is a charming enclave within the bustling city and has maintained its originality in the midst of modern adaptation. This waterfront wonderland is the perfect place to spend a day eating and learning about Istanbul.
When you join our Kadikoy Food Tour Istanbul you will enjoy many iconic foods from the region.
When you come on our "Karakoy", Food Tour in Istanbul, your tastebuds will tingle with many types of Turkish Culinary delights. You will meet your guide with his orange umbrella outside the Tunel Station.

You will then taste one of the most delicious Shish Kebab we have ever tried.
A taste of Turkish Delight is a must do, with a bite that is slightly tart and almost savory.
Your tour will include a stop for Fresh Fish prepared in a unique way.
You will also drop into the most incredible little local restaurant for a Secret Bite.
House baked Pide bread.
Turkish tea.
Kokorec, the finest in Istanbul.
A Turkish Tour cannot end without one of the best Baklava in the city.

Please note: the itinerary is subject to change, based on the locations availability and weather. Our tour is different from all the food tours you may have done around the world. Our aim in to make the experience as authentic as possible, so you eat like a native Turk. In Istanbul, it's not uncommon to eat on the run, but we are fortunate to be able to sit and enjoy most of what you will sample on the tour. Your professional guide will share with you a wealth of information, not only about the food you will enjoy, but also about each venue and the secret history of this iconic Istanbul neighborhood.


Thursday 12 September 2019, 10:30 AM

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