Sake Tasting Workshop, 5/25 利き酒ワークシ

In this small event of just 2-8 people, Mr. Aoya of the Sake Bar Hatago will discuss the differences between sake, and lead you in a tasting of six seasonal varieties of sake. Learn how to read sake labels, about the different grades of sake and how temperature changes the taste. Get to know sake on a deeper level with guidance from this passionate sake expert. It comes with three appetizers. We will have local bilingual volunteers on hand to help with translation. 
This event is open to Japanese and international visitors and residents, all are welcome!
Where: Sake Bar HatagoTime: 70 minutesSize: Up to 8 people (minimum 2)*Cost: 3710 yenApplication Deadline: 2 days before event*Note that if the minimum number of participants is not met the event will be cancelled and money refunded
=====Meeting Point and Timetable======
16:15 Meet at Sake Bar Hatago16:30 Get to know Mr. Aoya and learn about sake production16:50 Taste 6 seasonal varieties of sake and 3 appetizers17:40 End
=====What’s Included======
Volunteer English interpreter6 Seasonal varieties of sake3 Appetizers
Sake Bar Hatago is about a 20 minute walk from Sendai Station or a 3 minute walk from Kotodaikoen Station on the Sendai Nanboku Subway Line.Map
Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?
You must be 20 years old or older to consume alcohol in Japan. Drinking and driving is strictly forbidden so please come by public transit or have someone bring you.
=====About Aoya-san======
Aoya-san didn’t set out to be a sake expert and he actually started his career in an entirely separate field. It wasn’t until he began to help a friend with a store that he became a sake devotee. At that time there weren’t many specialty sake bars, so he sought out information online and visited many eateries across Japan. His journey led him to become a sake sommelier and today he runs a small sake bar in Sendai.
Aoya-san’s Sake Bar Hatago (日本酒bar旅籠) started out with 15 sake varieties and now features more than 60. There are smooth or fruity types for those just getting started, and interesting sharp and dry types for the connoisseur.

東北地方は銘酒の宝庫で有名ですが、利き酒をやったことはありますか? 今回は、日本酒bar~旅籠~にて、店主でもあり唎酒師でもある青屋宰さんによる2~8名限定の利き酒ワークショップを開催します。6種類の旬の地酒を含めたお酒を味わいながら、ラベルの見方、グレードの違い、冷酒や温める燗酒など温度変化による味わいの変化と意味について学びます。プロの日本酒ソムリエと一緒に、お酒のことを深く知ることができるこの機会にぜひご参加ください!  ※付き出し(お通し)3種付
会場: 日本酒bar 旅籠~はたご~所用時間: 70分定員: 8名※最少催行人数2名参加費: 3,710円対象: 20歳以上の日本人・外国人
集合場所: 日本酒bar 旅籠~はたご~
16:15 会場に集合16:30 唎酒師青屋さんからの説明16:50 6種の日本酒飲み比べ(お通し3品付き)17:40 終了


Saturday 25 May, 04:15 PM

till Saturday 25 May 05:40 PM


日本酒bar旅籠~はたご~ 青葉区 仙台市 JP