Python for Beginners

This Python workshop is for beginners. It is an introduction to Python and prior programming experience is not required. You will learn the following:

Getting started with Python on your own laptop
Data Types & Structures
String manipulation
For Loops
Extra: working with the "Pandas" package

If you don't know what these things mean, no worries at all! You will by the end of this class. You will learn to develop and execute your own code. Pretty awesome, right? The workshop is limited to 8 people max. Please bring your own laptop, with  Anaconda installed. Parking is readily available (for a small fee) and you are of course welcome to join us for lunch after.


Wednesday 4 December, 08:30 AM

till Wednesday 4 December 12:30 PM


B. Amsterdam 763a Johan Huizingalaan Amsterdam NL

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