Private work and study room [overnight session 12A
  • Public
  • Organized by ART-IT-WORKS
  • Saturday 12 January, 12:00 AM

It's crunchtime for your exams and assignments, but the library's too crowded and your neighbors are shouting. Book a private work and study room at one of our multiple locations in the area. Rooms are completely private and accompanied with a door and lock. Bathrooms onsite. To learn more, email us


Saturday 12 January, 12:00 AM

till Saturday 12 January 08:00 AM


Multiple locations in downtown Manhattan New York US


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ART-IT-WORKS is founded by three artists in NYC. When we first came to NYC from California, we studied nonstop for school to get good grades. We crammed in libraries, but it did not work well. We couldn’t bring coffee or food inside. When we had to step out for a bit, we had to wrap up and bring everything with us to be safe. Then we lost the spot when we returned. Late night study sessions were also not possible after the library closed. We even tried to hide from security to stay overnight! ...

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