Online Webinar Social Selling for Managers
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  • Wednesday 15 January, 03:00 PM

Marketing managers play a crucial role in the transition towards a more modern selling strategy. They are the best enablers, setting a standard for their employees and encouraging them to actively adopt social selling techniques. This webinar is designed to show managers why 90% of top marketing professionals are implementing social selling tools, why managers should embrace it and how to effectively implement a social selling strategy.The world is standing on the verge of a digital revolution and this digitalisation is rapidly changing the way we do business. As the information gap between buyer and seller is closing, the buyer’s journey changes, calling for an entirely new approach to selling. Social Selling is a tactic designed to identify where the buyers stand and influence them earlier in the buying cycle. Sellers who have mastered this tactic are proven to have more business opportunities, more connections with business decision makers and shorter closing times. 
At Tricycle Europe, we support organizations worldwide through made-to-measure programs. With our effective and efficient solutions, we have established ourselves as digital coaching experts, assisting companies like Microsoft & Philips to excel in the art of Social Selling. We continue to cater to organizations through other services too, offering end-to-end sales support including demand-generation, compliance- and control and tool-based learning. We work with an international team of Social Selling Strategists, who frequently speak at variety of corporate events, educating sellers worldwide on how to leverage modern selling techniques. 


Wednesday 15 January, 03:00 PM

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