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English Language Threshold ['θreʃəuld]  - Overview
-      Basic sentence structure: word order: intonation: to be (the Kingdom of the verb ‘to be’); verbs of action (to do)
-      Irregular verbs – to be, to do, to have and others (their own forms of Past Indefinite, Participle II (Past Participle); Regular verbs - ed
-      English tenses – 16 tenses
-      Modal verbs – can do, may do, must do, might do, etc.
-      Phrasal verbs – verb+postposition (adverb) at, in, up, after: get up; give up, take out; cut off
-      Speech patterns 
-      Pronunciation
-      Constructions: infinitive, participle I and II, gerund
-      Subjunctive Mood
-      Articles – a/an – the – zero article

My students' success is my best achievement.
Language is not a knowledge, it is a skill.
Do not burden your memory, get used to the rules and patterns through practice.
Never underestimate the musicality of English. 
Pronunciation and intonation ..... 
Let's talk about it!! :)


Wednesday 4 December 2019, 04:00 AM

till Wednesday 4 December 2019 05:00 AM


London London GB

English Coach Svetlana

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English Coach Svetlana CEO & Founder, The Online English Gym   - e-learning; English Language Coaching; Teaching of English as a Foreign Language; linguistic research with specialism in Theoretical Grammar, Phraseology, Stylistics, Communicative Linguistics;- Motivational speaker;- Certified ACS (Advanced Communicator S); ALB (Advanced Leadership B), Toastmasters International, Level 3 Pathways Innovative Planning. - Svetlana set up and brought to charter two online public speaking and s...

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