Morning Salty Yoga and oils in Salt Cave

Our intention is that through Salty Yoga, you find Peace, Joy, and Balance in your life.
Salty Yoga + Essential Oils (Elevate Salty Yoga Practice)
Aromatherapy and yoga are both ancient healing practices focused on physical, mental, and spiritual health.  Combined they may give you more focus, help you stretch deeper, and leave you feeling better and more refreshed than before you started.
Let’s practice SALTY YOGA and cultivate wellness.
In this 1 hour class taught by a certified health coach and yoga instructor Michaela Horvathova.

Our Himalayan Salt Cave HALO-HATHAYOGA are a unique experience designed to offer distinct benefits to your body and mind. The Salt Cave floor is covered with crushed Himalayan Salt that is similar in texture to coarse sand, providing a natural balancing challenge, while the air is filled with micro-particles of salt and minerals you can absorb naturally through your skin and lungs.

This session is designed to align your body, breath and thoughts with your highest intentions.
All levels welcome.

Please bring a water bottle (drink after class) wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat.
Space is limited!
Reserve your spot!
Gentle and restorative flow salty yoga practice incorporating suggested poses and oils.


Thursday 13 June, 09:30 AM

till Thursday 13 June 10:30 AM


Nature's Salt Cave & Float Pod 49 Alden Street Cranford US

Nature's Salt Cave and Float Pod in Cranford NJ

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