Mastering the Game of Creativity

Mastering the Game of Creativity Course
A 3-day course to create a powerful foundation – so you can create it all!
This course is about being in abundance. The richer your life is – the greater the need to ground and balance commitments of time, social engagement, energy and attention to friends, business, family, health, pleasure, rest, silence, and taking care of your basic needs. This course – at its core – is about practicalities – if you do not sleep – you will not have the energy and attention to dream. If you do not dream – you will have no project to implement. The primary aim of this workshop is to build a strong and flexible foundation which will support any dream and see you through all of your created experiences. It is The bones of our Project.
The course takes place Friday; 16 -20h, Saturday; 14-20h, Sunday; 10 -19h. So everybody can join and start working on their dreams.
More information about the Mastering the Game of Creativity course here.
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Friday 7 December 2018, 04:00 PM

till Sunday 9 December 2018 07:00 PM


Life Artists - Creators HUB Milastraße 4 Berlin DE

Life Artists - by Barbara Droubay

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Life Artists workshops and group events are for creatives, innovators, and entrepreneurs who are getting stuck – who procrastinate, struggle with creative blocks, self-image, motivation, or focus issues – and who because of this stop fulfilling their creative potential. Through a simple and effective system which engages your physical body as the frame of your experience – I teach you how to recognize and recover your “creative flow” as a physical, practical, experience. “When you c...

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