Marketers Meetup

Who is this for?
Whether you've been in the industry for 30 years, 1 year, or are aspiring to be one, we would love to see you there! Invite any and all in the Marketing world from Events to SEO and any in between. We're all in it together in this strange, amazing world :)
Why should you come?
Marketers tend to be natural communicators and want to network/meet people in the same industry but haven't found a place for it. This is a new community with the capacity to make it yours!
Let's get together and talk about our experiences - personal or professional as you prefer. We'll create a space for Marketers to support and learn from each other. Many of us have had to be a one-person island. This is our chance to connect with other like-minded people and grow, learn, chat, and have a drink while we do it.


Friday 12 July, 04:00 PM

till Friday 12 July 07:00 PM


Brouwerij Troost Oud West Bilderdijkstraat 205 Amsterdam NL

Growth Empowered Marketing Services

  • Event's organizer

Growth Empowered Marketing (GEM) Services provides custom strategies for your business. I consult with each and every person to discuss what the most important goals are and determine a plan of action. No two companies are the same and I want to help you bring out your unique distinction and portray that to your audience. The mission of GEM Services is to help clients be successful in their entrepreneurial endeavors. I am your Marketing Strategist with a passion for building great consumer ...

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