Make a Zine mini-workshop
  • Public
  • Organized by DK
  • Monday 17 February, 10:00 AM

Zine Workshop Zines. Conversation. Real life.
In an age where the internet can confuse and lie to us, ‘zines’ (xeroxed short publications we make ourselves and give our friends) give us a tangible grip on the *here and now*, and remind us that at the end of the day, *we* get to create and write our own stories: the stories of our lives, the stories that remind us who we are. Inspired by summer in Finland, DK and friends are gathering our summer memories at this once-off popup art installation and zinemaking atelier. Reminisce. Make. Eat. Drink, and relax with us to put together your own 8-page zine.
By joining in, you'll also be a part of an ongoing, international conversation.
So far, zinemaking popups have taken place at cafes and small public spaces in Riga, Oulu, Phnom Penh, Melbourne, and Hanoi. Don't miss the chance to join in... Not sure what to expect? Don't worry. We’ll show you how it works !
No prior experience necessary, ages 16+.
Hosted by artist Dipika Kohli, Design Kompany. Materials will be supplied, but you can also bring your own periodicals, favorite paper, and craft supplies like scissors. Content may be images, text or pieces of a small story. Limited seats. Advance bookings only.


Monday 17 February, 10:00 AM

till Monday 17 February 11:30 AM


Monochrome Bangkok TH


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 Expect... the unexpected! "You're one of those rare, genuine and committed individuals who creates unforgettable experiences." —SC, Phnom Penh, 2019 "What did I learn? That I wish I could be more creative in my journeys, going forward, and that there are still conversations like the one we had yesterday to have." —AW, Penang, 2019 "You've definitely helped me to recognize my need for the real in both my work and play. I'm very grateful to you for that." —MD, Phnom Penh, 2019 "I ...

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