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MN Art Stories | VINCENT
the private art tour in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is a fun & eye opening experience of art, work and life of one of the greatest painters in the history, the famous Vincent van Gogh.

Expect the unexpected - this is how Vincent lived and worked and this is what you can count on when visiting the museum dedicated to his life and art. The 2 hours interactive tour is going to make you familiar with Vincent van Gogh's life and art from an unexpected, new and very different perspective: from your point of view.

A unique story line is going be created at the beginning of each tour with every participant in the group individually - it is going to be you who is going to start the story, we are going to follow it through the museum’s collections adding details and information which interest you personally.

Passionate storytelling about art - without boundaries, without holding back, with open hearts and open eyes is what we do, what we believe in, what we would like to share with you and what you are going to experience in our art tours.

We are convinced that people truly remember and understand only the things which they were able to feel first.

For you - this is not going to be just another quick check on the list of many amazing tourist attractions of Amsterdam. It is going to be a discovery. You are going to take home with you much more than a souvenir. You are going to create your own story of art, for keeps.

This tour is for curious explorers and art lovers alike, for visitors on a quick Instagram stroll through Amsterdam and for the ones looking to settle in the city and find out more about the Dutch culture and history; it is for world travellers and born Amsterdamers alike; it is designed especially for people who say "Me and art? Hm, not really." and also for true art connoisseurs who never join any groups because they already know that enjoying art sometimes is quite a solitary thing. It is for kids, for your mum and your best friend alike. We make no difference - we are all about stories which make difference.

Duration: 2h
Time: Saturday 13:00 - 15:00
Place: Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam
Size of the group: maximum 6 people
Price: 55€ + Eventbrite fees
Discount: with Museumkaart -35%
Children: Free of charge under age of 18 and very welcome!

· CALENDAR 2018 / 2019

until 13.01.2019 Gauguin & Laval in Martinique
until 13.01.2019 Van Gogh Dreams | narrative installation that allows you to enter the mind and heart of Vincent van Gogh by Tellart
until 28.01.2019 Van Gogh inspires - John Chamberlain

01.03.2019 - 26.05.2019 Hockney – Van Gogh
Van Gogh's masterpieces will be shown alongside works by Hockney. Hockney's imposing Yorkshire-landscapes are a central part of the exhition, with The Arrival of Spring in Worldgate (2011) as highlight.

21.06.2019 - 01.09.2019 Van Gogh and the Sunflowers
Results of an extensive research on Sunflowers will be presented in this special exhibition dedicated to one of Vincent’s most famous works.

What is included in the price? 
Your ticket includes: 1 admission ticket to the Van Gogh Museum (19€) | 2 hours interactive guided tour (35€) | 2 hours general museum visit after the tour | 1 time total booking fees (5€).

What is a Museumkaart?
Musemkaart is your personal pass to enter more than 400 museums in the Netherlands. For Dutch residents the card is valid 1 year; for non Dutch residents it is valid for 31 days. The 12 months card can be arranged for everyone with no additional cost. Please contact us for details.

I can’t make it on Friday, are there other dates available?
Yes. The tours are available on Saturdays from 1pm till 3pm - check them here. Private tours can be arranged during the week, please contact us for more details.

See you soon!
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Friday 7 December 2018, 05:00 PM

till Friday 7 December 2018 07:00 PM


Van Gogh Museum 6 Museumplein Amsterdam NL

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MN Art Stories is devoted to art history and art education for everyone. Passionate storytelling about art with open hearts and open eyes is what we do, what we believe in, what we share with you and what you are going to experience in our art tours.

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