MCCS Okinawa Party Bouncers & More- Weekend
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  • Friday 17 January, 08:30 AM

MCCS Special Events InformationFor more information:
Make your event even better!
Weekend reservations run from Friday delivery/pick-up to Monday pick-up/drop off. 

Choose "Optional Delivery Fee" as part of your purchase.
Equipment can be delivered directly to your ON-BASE residence or location for $40. *Delivery is available to the following Installations: Plaza Housing, Camp Lester, Camp Foster, Camp Kinser, MCAS Futenma, Camp Hansen, Camp Courtney, Camp Schwab, Camp Shields, Chibana Housing, and Kadena AFB*
Delivery is available from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
You must be present for the delivery of the rental equipment; you do not need to be present for the pick-up. In the event of a cancellation, you must cancel your rental equipment 1 day BEFORE scheduled delivery/pick-up.  
If delivery is not required, rental equipment will be picked up at the Special Events Warehouse, Camp Kinser Bldg.#325.
Equipment pick up is between 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m., Monday–Friday and drop off is before 10 a.m. Monday–Friday. There are no pick-ups or returns on holidays or weekends.
A late fee of $25 per day will be assessed for late return of rental equipment. The fee will be incurred on a “per day” basis beginning with the first day of late return.
If, on the day of your rental, rain is predicted you will be given the option to cancel your rental or reschedule at no cost. However, if you pick-up the equipment or fail to cancel a delivery before the item arrives at the drop-off location, there are no refunds. If the customer receives rented/leased equipment, the lessors’ obligation to furnish equipment has been met and no refunds will be given.
INFLATABLESIn the event of rain, I will immediately turn off the blower to prevent damage and roll up to prevent water from entering. Inthe event the inside of the Bounce becomes wet, I will blow up the bounce and dry it completely prior to returning or a $20 cleaning/drying fee will incur. I will ensure that the Bounce is rolled up the same way it was given to me or I agree to pay a $20 penalty fee to have it re-rolled correctly by the Special Events Staff. A $20 fee will be assessed for each item that needs to be cleaned and/or rolled up correctly by lessor. I agree to have a vehicle (van/truck/SUV) with enough cargo space to pick-up and return the Bounce if I’ve selected the pick-up option.If I selected to have the item delivered, I agree to be present during the agreed upon delivery window.I further agree that I will reimburse any and all costs for repair and/or replacement of damaged or lost items if found to be through my negligence.
It is imperative that these instructions be read and adhered to by any person responsible for monitoring and/or participating in the use of any MCCS rental equipment.
Set up:1. The inflatable must be adequately secured to the ground and placed in an area with no overhead obstructions and at a safe distance from trees, power lines, buildings or other obstructions. A safe distance is defined as 4 feet on all sides at all times.2. The inflatable must not be used when winds are 25mph and/or gust up to 50 mph or in wet weather. All items must be taken down once TC-2 announced and prepared for storage or return.3. Soft matting covering hard surfaces must be placed adjacent to any openings (i.e. entrance/exit) to the inflatable.
Electrical Service: 1. Lessee must furnish a grounded electrical outlet rated at 120 volts with a minimum 20-amp circuit capacity for each circuit required, located within 75 feet of each unit without anything else connected.2. Ensure that any and all power cords, including extension cords, do not present trip hazards. Also, monitor the blower to ensure it does not become detached from the inflatable.3. If the bounce house deflates for any reason, evacuate children immediately. Ensure an accurate count of the evacuated children is maintained. Only after all children have been evacuated can you troubleshoot the problem that caused the deflation. 

Check that the plug has not been pulled and that the blower switch is inthe on position. 
Check the circuit breaker and make sure that proper breakers are being used and have not tripped. 
Check the air intake on the side of the motor for a blockage. 
Check both tubes on the back of the bounce house for snugness and retie if necessary. If the bounce house stake comes loose, pull the corner back and re-stake.

Operation:1. An adult with knowledge of these instructions must be stationed at the entrance to the bounce at any time that the bounce is inflated to monitor its use. 2.The number of children able to utilize a bounce at the same time is dependent upon the age of the children. However, there must never be more than 8 children in the bounce at any one time for ages 2 –8 and no more than 6 children for ages 9 -13.3. Larger children can easily injure smaller children, so we recommend you keep the child sizes and ages the same while in the bounce house. 4. All children must remove footwear, glasses, jewelry, buckles, pins and pocket objects or anything that can cut, abrade or create a choking hazard before entering the bounce house.5. Do not allow running or jumping through the door of the bounce house or walls, climbing/hanging from the interior or exterior of the bounce house.6. No shoes, silly string, drinks, food, candy, or gum is allowed in the bounce house or within 10 feet of the bounce house. If this occurs there will be a cleaning fee charged. Fee will be determined based on service.7. If a rip, tear or hole is detected in the bounce house, stop operation and return to MCCS with detailed information regarding the problem. 8. The bounce house is designed for children. Because of this, no adults are permitted to use the bounce houses. 9. Please keep all pets away from the bounce house.10. Please do not tape or fasten anything to the bounce house.
GAMES 1. An adult will be present when these games are being played to ensure that the safety rules of the game are being followed.2. Please use these games only as they were intended to be played.3. Make sure when the games are being played everyone who is not a part of the game has stepped away from the gaming area. 4. Do not toss game pieces unless during normal game play. Injury to yourself or others may occur if used improperly.
5. Parents, please supervise younger children during game play.


Friday 17 January, 08:30 AM

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