MCCS Okinawa 2020 Volunteer Recognition Day
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  • Wednesday 27 May, 08:00 AM

Please note that due to current restrictions related to COVID-19, the Volunteer Recognition Ceremony has been reformatted. This year we will hold Volunteer Recognition Days on May 27, 28, & 29. 
In the spirit of honoring the volunteers that give so much to our community, we would like to show appreciation for the thousands of hours volunteers have donated throughout the year. This year will travel to each camp Single Marine Program (SMP) at the dates and times below. Please note we will only be at the location during the times designated below. Thank you to all the volunteers that have given their time and talents throughout 2019.

Please see the dates, times, and locations below and choose to receive your award at the most convenient location/date/time. We will be practicing social distancing so this will be held outside in a "drive/walk-through" fashion. We will work hard to allow for photos while keeping the award recipients swiftly moving. 

Camp Kinser Single Marine Program, building 1220
Wednesday, May 27th 
0800 - 1100
MCAS Futenma Single Marine Program, building 104
Wednesday, May 27th 
1400 - 1700
Camp Foster Single Marine Program, building 5908
Thursday, May 28th 
0800 - 1100
Camp Courtney Single Marine Program, building 4423
Thursday, May 28th
1400 - 1700 
Camp Hansen Single Marine Program, building 2377
Friday,  May 29th 
0800 - 1100
Camp Schwab Single Marine Program, building 3429
Friday,  May 29th 
1400 - 1700

What is the dress code for the Appreciation Day?

All Service Members will wear Uniform of the Day
Civilians will dress business casual

What if I am unable to attend the Appreciation Day?

Please email at to arrange to pick up of the award or provide a mailing addressfor your award to be mailed. 

Is transportation provided?


Can somebody pick up the award on my behalf?

Yes, please write a letter approving pickup of the award

Additional Questions?
Please reach out at

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Wednesday 27 May, 08:00 AM

till Wednesday 27 May 11:00 AM


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