LoCITY Driving - Driver CPC

Description:ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE - vat, dvsa upload fee & lunch if required. (ample parking available)
LoCITY Driving is a TFL & FORS accredited dcpc course. This course focuses on minimising the environmental impact of vans and HGVs by reducing emissions through the use of pre-journey planning and vehicle checks, fuel-efficient driving, and alternative fuels. The seven-hour CPC-accredited course which is aimed at drivers and transport managers gives attendees the knowledge and skills needed to cut costs and minimise the environmental impact of fleet operations.
The course will cover the following topics:
The relationship between driving style, fuel consumption and environmental impact
How regular maintenance and vehicle checks can cut costs and emissions
Fuel efficient driving techniques
Use of in-vehicle technology to improve fuel economy
Benefits of journey planning Alternative fuels in commercial vehicles


Thursday 13 June, 07:00 AM

till Thursday 13 June 03:00 PM


QDL Training Ltd 120 Beddington Lane Croydon GB

QDL Training Ltd

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