Lash Extensions Classic & Volume Training New Jers

In this course you will the art of Classic with an introduction to volume lash extensions. This class covers everything you need to know to become a professional lash Technician.
Join us for 1 day of beauty training. 
See what is covered below.
For Eyelash Extensions.

Health and safety

Anatomy of the eye

Types of lash Curls, Thickness and Length

How to assess the correct extension to use

Lashing Technique

Perfect graduation and Uniformity

How to lift the outer corner for that feline flick

How to create various Eyelash Styles like Cat, Kitten, Dolly, Round, Natural Styles

Understand Eyes Shapes such as Round, Asian, Close set and wide set eyes, deep set eyes and the best eyelash styles for them

Introduction to Volume lashes using multiple lashes

What you will receive

Eyelash Extensions Training kit

Training Manuals for Lash Extensions 

Certificate of completion for Eyelash Extensions on the same day of training.

(Optional) Certificate of Practicum. After submitting 3 case studies

Training on Mannequin Models not required for one day class .
2 and 3 day classes also available, inquire below.
For more information about this class please call/text 714 468 5201 or send us an email
The Board of Cosmetology in your state may require you to have either an Esthetician or Cosmetology License to provide Eyelash Extensions Services in a salon.
Please contact your local board of cosmetology for more information or visit the website below for additional information


Friday 15 March, 10:00 AM

till Friday 15 March 05:00 PM


Scotch Plains 1812 Front Street Scotch Plains US


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