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We'll start at Homomonument—the first monument in the world dedicated to the gay and lesbian victims of the Holocaust. We'll walk through historic Amsterdam and enjoy the scenery while I tell you about the gay history of the city. We'll see the canals, the palace on Dam Square, and the Red Light District.  Henk will enlighten you about being gay in the 17th Century and about prosecution during the centuries and how gay men and women found ways to live their lives. He takes you back to 1970 when social revolution and a gay writer paved the way for a thriving gay life in Amsterdam as Gay Capital. We'll end the tour at Café 't Mandje, a gay bar that opened in 1927.
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Friday 13 December 2019, 03:00 PM

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Homo Monument Westermarkt Amsterdam NL

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We organize tours in Amsterdam about special topics only. As a LGBT Gay Company we do not discriminate and welcome also straight people. As the outside company we do not provide red light district tours. That is boring. We go in depth into the history of Amsterdam. From the Dutch Masters in the Rijksmuseum, the Royal tour about the most fascinating Royal family of Europe. The Orange Nassau's the Dutch Royal Family. And of cours our LGBT Gay History Tour. 400 years of gay history of Amsterdam. W...

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