Kyoto Tea Ceremony and Kimono Experience

Kimono tea ceremony in Kyoto. The tea ceremony is held in the traditional Japanese room conveniently located in central Kyoto and all the explanations are done by our friendly staff in plain English. The activity involves:

Traditional Japanese tea ceremony experience 

Drinking matcha green tea

Eating wagashi Japanese sweets 

Wearing a beautiful kimono including hairdo and hairpins for ladies. 

Once in a lifetime cultural experience with the combination of kimono, zen, harmony, perfectionism, minimalism, meditation, Japanese green tea and Japanese sweets

You will make a green tea (Matcha) in an ancient style Japanese tea ceremony room wearing Kimono. In this workshop, a qualified instructor will walk you through step by step of traditional tea ceremony. This is a ritual-like activity where ceremonial tea is prepared and presented to promote physical and mental well-being, mindfulness and harmony. It is also called the Way of the Tea. You will learn the foundations of the zen philosophy: Wa,kei,sei,jaku, which roughly translate as harmony, respect, purity and tranquility. You will observe how your host perfectly and harmoniously use all the traditional utensils to make the perfect cup of tea in way that has been done the same for about 400 years. And, finally, you will make your own tea and enjoy Japanese traditional sweets.
Your workshop will include:

An introduction to the Japanese tea ceremony and associated rituals

This is taught by a friendly instructor who speaks English

You will be encouraged to try traditional green matcha tea and Japanese styled sweets

Only traditional tea ceremony utensils will be used

The workshop will be taught to a small class of 6 or so people

Relax in a classroom decorated in traditional Japanese décor and architecture

Explanations of the ceremony's history and technique in simple English

Not only watching the demonstration but actually performing the ritual

We also have antique tea ceremony artifacts and displays with detailed explanations in English that will help you better understand the subtle meanings and the rich history behind this unique tradition

Learn Japanese culture with all of your senses - especially your sense of wonder!
Juts in case if you were wondering:

You are allowed to walk outside and take pictures while wearing your kimono

You are allowed to take pictures in the tea ceremony room after the ceremony as well as the other rooms and in front of our unique backdrops

You are allowed to sit comfortably on the floor (without sitting on your knees on the tatami mat). We also provide bamboo chairs for those who prefer not to sit on the floor

Check the reservation here. 
We are confident that this experience will be your best souvenir from Japan. You can easily make a reservation now by choosing the best date for you. Additionally, if you'd like you can reserve a PRIVATE tea ceremony  here , or a tea ceremony session without wearing the kimono here . 


Tuesday 16 April, 02:00 PM

till Tuesday 16 April 04:00 PM


Maikoya Kyoto 〒604-8006 Kyoto Prefecture, 5F, Nakagyo Ward, Shimomaruyacho (Kawaramachidori), 407-2 ルート河原町ビル