Kids Dance Classes

Arthur’s Kids Dance Program is a socially interactive dance program for children between 4-15 years old.These dance classes for kids are designed to properly teach your children the main elements of dancing. Coordination, posture, social ease, and rhythm are all taught by professionals who understand the fundamentals of various dancing styles. Whether your child looks forward to taking part in high-level performances or just wants to learn dance for fun, we have the perfect classes to suit them. New Student Only Special is $30 for 2 Classes. $110 per 8 classes after that.


Tuesday 16 April, 12:00 AM

till Tuesday 16 April 11:30 PM


Arthur Murray Dance Center Of Hillsborough 256 U.S. 206 Hillsborough Township US

Arthur Murray Dance Center of Hillsborough NJ

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We believe dance lessons will change your life. At Arthur Murray Dance Centers of Cranford and Hillsborough, we believe that dance lessons can change your life. Being professionally trained in dance will not only make you comfortable on the dance floor, but it will teach you the discipline needed to succeed in other aspects of your life. At Arthur Murray, our team is determined to build your dance foundation from the ground up. Through gentle encouragement and proven teaching, we help cement y...

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