Holacracy Safari (English)
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  • Monday 25 May, 11:00 AM

What is Holacracy?
Holacracy offers a set of rules for self organizing teams. It is radically different from the traditional top-down management model. It distributes authority over all employees in the organization. The starting point here is that because of the dynamic and transparent structure an organization is able to adjust constantly.
Organizational Structure 
This structure is as follows: holacratic organizations work with an organic, flat structure of "circles" (teams). Within these circles, everyone fulfills their own unique "roles" with clearly defined responsibilities. Every employee is autonomous and can be seen as an "entrepreneur" in his roles.
Viisi & the Holacracy Safari
Viisi works with Holacracy and we like to share our knowledge and experiences. Every Monday morning you can attend a tactical meeting of the Growth circle of our organization. You get to see and hear how we meet according to the holacratic principles. Afterwards, there is time to ask questions to our employees.
To see what our Growth circle does, you can click here.
Make sure you are present in time, about 10 minutes before the meeting. You can read what a tactical meeting entails here. 


Monday 25 May, 11:00 AM

till Monday 25 May 12:30 PM


Viisi Insights Surinameplein 124 Amsterdam NL

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