Historical Walking Tour Amsterdam

Immerse yourself in the history of Amsterdam during this walking tour of the city center. Spend 2 hrs in the company of an engaging guide and small group.
We start at the statue of Queen Wilhelmina on Rokin and walk to the Palace on Dam square that was not build as Palace but started out as our city hall. You will learn about the Jewish population of Amsterdam as well about hidden catholic churches in Amsterdam. Pass the first protestant church build in Amsterdam after the reformation, you will learn about the origins of the canal district.The Dutch Royal family as well as many fascinating stories you never knew about Amsterdam.


Wednesday 4 December 2019, 11:00 AM

till Wednesday 4 December 2019 01:00 PM


Monument Queen Wilhelmina (lady on horse) Rokin Amsterdam NL

Special Amsterdam Tours

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We organize tours in Amsterdam about special topics only. As a LGBT Gay Company we do not discriminate and welcome also straight people. As the outside company we do not provide red light district tours. That is boring. We go in depth into the history of Amsterdam. From the Dutch Masters in the Rijksmuseum, the Royal tour about the most fascinating Royal family of Europe. The Orange Nassau's the Dutch Royal Family. And of cours our LGBT Gay History Tour. 400 years of gay history of Amsterdam. W...

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