Free High School Research Weekend Workshop For Col

Free High School Research Weekend Workshop For College Application Location: Roppongi, Tokyo Requirements: Basic Computer Skills For the most selective colleges in the US (such as Harvard, MIT, and Stanford), achieving national-level honors and awards in a variety of competitions—such as research, serves as a definite competitive advantage.College admissions officers acknowledge the importance of high school research. They perceive that the very act of building such extensive projects speaks to a student’s passion, perseverance, intellectual capacities, and the ability to handle challenges.
Join us and talk to our instructors on how to develop your research project that might help you get into your dream university. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at


Saturday 15 February, 06:00 PM

till Saturday 15 February 07:30 PM


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The Tokyo Coding Club is a year-round after school/weekend program which serves as a platform for young aspiring engineers and designers (aged 7-18) to study key skills for future employment. The club aims for students to unleash their passion and creativity through computer science and the new world of digital arts, allowing them to realize that they too can be a part of the creating the modern world. Currently with 100 students, TCC offers a variety of courses that include coding, robotics, g...

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