Free Coaching for Break-Through Leaders in Paris

"Coaching for Break-Through Leaders" is one of The Arosio Coaching Partnership upcoming Executive Coaching workshops in Paris, France, and you are invited!
Great leaders, including former US presidents and top athletes, know that in order to continue to develop, they need to keep learning new skills and learning about themselves. This happens faster when they get feedback on how they show up in the world, think, feel and behave. 
Group coaching is a wonderful tool to facilitate personal and professional growth. This event is not a typical training or lecture, but rather an authentic Executive coaching session where you will be able to be coached and reflect on strategies and actions to accelerate further your growth both as a professional and as a human being.
You will be coached by two professional multi-lingual Executive Coaches with a remarkable track of records in the corporate world at an international level. 
Who is this event for?
VP/Directors/ Managers are engaged with their corporate career and considering what their best next move is.Directors who would like to identify their blind spots and address them to make further progress in their career.
Leaders who are open to challenge themselves with a view to sharpening their professional standards.
What will you learn by attending?
Leadership practices of the best leaders
Experience coaching directly on your caseLearn and get inspiration from other participants challengesNetwork with other participants
How will it work?
Group will be of a maximum of 6 individuals, to maximize space for coaching sessions.Face to face session
Why joining this event?
We believe that no matter how smart you are, continuous development through traditional ways like for example reading is not the most effective strategy. Traditional advice is interesting but difficult to apply to your individual case. Coaching, on the contrary, is a powerful process that goes at the heart of the issues, creates clarity and helps design and deliver a plan that is tailor-made for you.
We will bring to the session our experience, developed on the UK market as well as in France, Italy, USA, and Mexico.


Saturday 12 January, 09:00 AM

till Saturday 12 January 06:00 PM


Cocoon Madeleine 14 Rue Chauveau Lagarde Paris FR

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