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Learn the principles of ERP systems and how to apply ERP solutions to your company or project. Call Mr Data +31402668583 Amsterdam.  SAP ERP training could be a good way to develop internal expertise on your new system.

Start with business processes. Many ERP vendors will tell you that your business processes don’t matter because their software will direct you on how to run your business. This is not true. Today’s ERP systems are too flexible and robust to assume that their software will provide the answers to your business processes. You still need to define your overall business processes and workflows, as well as identify business process reengineering opportunities. The software will fill in the blanks on the details of exactly how those processes will be performed, but software functionality is no surrogate for taking the time to map out your processes. Only then can you help migrate your employees from the as-is state to the future state
Identify change impacts to those new business processes. Once future state business processes have been defined, it is important to highlight the gaps between the as-is and the to-be processes for each major workgroup in your organization. This will help employees connect the dots between the way things work now and how they will work in the future. For example, what is Suzy from accounting going to do now that you are planning to replace her favorite Excel spreadsheet with a new ERP system? She needs to understand how the new system will affect her job roles and responsibilities prior to adopting the new system and processes
Begin training well before end-user training. There is a common – and severely flawed – assumption in the industry that end-user training a few weeks before go-live will be enough to get employees comfortable with change. This one faulty assumption can undermine your overall enterprise software initiative more than most, so it is important to get it right. Instead, employees should receive multiple rounds of business process and organizational role and responsibility training well before they are trained on the new system. End-user training should simply reinforce the specifics of what they already know, understand and embrace about their new system rather than serve as the main focus of organizational change management.

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