DevOps And ITSM 1 Day Training in Seoul
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Course Description:
This 1-day training provides you with the basic knowledge required for the effective utilization of ITSM skill sets in any DevOps organization. The training focuses on the essential knowledge of the two different worlds, ITSM and DevOps, and how they complement each other. It helps you know how the DevOps movement fits perfectly with ITSM. The various group discussions and the case study are the primary ingredients of this course that help you understand a DevOps movement in an organization. DevOps is gaining momentum, therefore, think of this course before looking elsewhere for the DevOps movement in your organization. As DevOps is gaining momentum this course will prepare participants in aligning this new, agile way of thinking with the traditional ITSM processes.
Course Topics:
●     Training Introduction
●     Overview
●     Training Objectives
●     Course Agenda
●     Type of Activities
●     Course Book
●     Group Activity
●     DevOps and ITSM (ITIL)
●     ITIL Refresh
●     Overview of ITIL Key Lifecycle Phases and Outputs
●     What is DevOps?
●     Challenges Leading to DevOps
●     A Brief History of DevOps
●     How DevOps make it easy for a business to work with IT?
●     How DevOps drives business performance?
●     Why DevOps? (The Benefits)
●     DevOps Core Principles
●     Defining a DevOps Team
●     DevOps Organization
●     Activity-Focused vs. Product-Focused
●     Automate Everything and Obtain Immediate Feedback
●     Continuous Delivery
●     Culture
●     DevOps Journey Examples
●     Different Starting Points
●     DevOps Journeys
●     Case Study: EJ Airways
●     Group Discussion: DevOps Impact on EJ Airways
●     Contribution of ITIL and DevOps
●     ITIL and DevOps Complement Each Other
●     Positioning DevOps in ITSM Processes
●     Why DevOps and ITIL need each other?
●     Realization of DevOps Teams Objectives Through ITIL
●     DevOps Teams in EJ Airways
●     EJ Airways Baggage Handling System: Stop Your Work
●     Group Discussion: ITSM Providing a Solid Base for DevOps in Operation
●     Introduction Case for Design and Transition
●     Group Discussion: ITSM Providing a Solid Base for DevOps in Design and Transition (Optional)
●     DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA)
●     DASA Competence Framework
●     DASA Mission
Learning Goals:
●     Relate and complement DevOps and ITSM.
●     Describe DevOps.
●     Discuss the value of ITSM in a DevOps environment.
●     Explain how to utilize ITSM processes in DevOps teams.
Course Agenda:
Day 1
●     Training Introduction
●     DevOps and ITSM (ITIL®)
●     DevOps Journey Examples
●     Contribution of ITIL® and DevOps
●     DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA)
Who can Attend?
●     Individuals involved in IT development, IT operations or IT service management
●     Individuals whose role is affected by DevOps and continuous delivery, such as the following IT roles:
1.DevOps Engineers 2.Product Owners 3.Integration Specialists 4.Operations Managers 5.Incident and Change Managers 6.Other IT and Process Managers 7.System Administrators 8.Network Administrators 9.Business Managers 10.Automation Architects


Today, 09:00 AM

till Today 05:00 PM


Regus - Seoul, Seoul Station Centre Seoul City Tower 22/F, 110 Huam-ro, Jung-Gu, Jung-gu Seoul KR


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