Democracy and Technology: A Conversation About Thr

Kevin Roose, Technology Writer, New York Times David Hickton, Founding Director, University of Pittsburgh Institute for Cyber Law, Policy, and SecurityDan Moulthrop—ModeratorDavid Orr, Professor Emeritus, Oberlin College; Co-Editor, Democracy Unchained—IntroducerOther Panelists TBA
To what extent does technology threaten democracy? To what extent is hacking influencing the presidential and other elections and ultimately life in America? Beyond that, to what extent have Americans given up our privacy and our security? Join us for a program being held in partnership with State of American Democracy Project, part of a series of events being held around the country to discuss challenges to our democracy. The program will feature a keynote by Kevin Roose of The New York Times followed by his participation on a panel discussion where he will be joined by David Hickton and others.
The program is one of 14 events being done nationally in conjunction with the publication of the book Democracy Unchained, co-edited by Professor David Orr of Oberlin College. Other Democracy Unchained-related events around the country include: the opening event at the National Cathedral on the spiritual foundations of democracy; a Boston event on urban planning, climate change and democracy co-sponsored with the New England Aquarium and the Boston Green Ribbon Commission; a Carnegie Mellon event on democracy in state legislatures; an event at the Schwarzenegger Institute on gerrymandering and voter suppression; and an event at Arizona State University on higher education and democracy.
In addition to The Commonwealth Club, supporting organizations of the State of American Democracy Project include: Alliance Center, Denver, CO; American Renewable Energy Institute; Bioneers; Center for Cyber-security, Law, and Policy, University of Pittsburgh; Ceres, Boston; Cleveland City Club; Color of Change; Demos GreenFaith; North American Association for Environmental Education; Physicians for Social


Friday 31 December, 06:30 PM

till Friday 31 December 08:00 PM


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